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Please be sure to read ALL information on the application!

Once Applications are available you can find them on the Application page.  Applications must be submitted in a timely fashion.  We have approximately 90 spaces and applications will be sent to over 500 vendors.  All vendors must submit at least 3 photos of their items. Please be sure photos are clear of clutter and focus on your items. Once the show is filled the only available space will be in the event of a cancellation.


Exhibition Hall - size is 11'x8' - this the largest room and the room where Santa/Easter Bunny will be for pictures.  And where all entertainment will take place.

Garden Suite - size is 8'x10' - this room is located on the Main Street side of the Civic Center, next to the main parking lot.

Hallway - Hallway spaces are prime location spots but can only fit a maximum of 2 tables.

Gym - size is 10'x10', these spaces are currently placed side by side.

Magnolia Suite - size is 8'x10' - this room is located across from the Exhibition Hall - this is where the one day spaces are located for the Christmas Show.

Please see bottom of page for a map of the Gardendale Civic Center.



Fee for each 2 day space is $50.00.  Electrical is a $10.00 fee. All vendors using electricity must pay the $10.00 fee and list any equipment you may be bringing on your application.

Arts & Crafts

We accept only arts and craft items. Please only submit an application if you made the items yourself. We do not accept boutique or resell items of any kind. 

Set Up

Set up times may vary, please see your confirmation letter. You must furnish your own tables, tablecloths and chairs.  Tablecloths must reach the floor.  All tape on the floor around your booth must be removed before the show opens at 9:00am on Friday.  No vendors will be permitted to leave until the show is closed.  If you leave before closing, you will not be invited to return to future shows.  Please DO NOT pack up your booth before 4pm on Saturday.  Tents or tent frames are NOT ALLOWED!  Animals and fire arms are not allowed.

Room Leaders

Each area of the show will have a designated room leader that will be introduced to you at the beginning of the show.  This person will oversee any issues in your area.  If you have any questions/problems, please see your room leader.  If it is a situation that cannot be resolved by your room leader, he/she will notify the Council President or Show Chairman for further assistance.


There are 3 kitchens located in the Civic Center.  They are available for your use, please clean up after yourself.  On Friday and Saturday mornings you will find donuts and coffee provided for our vendors.  If you pour the last cup of coffee from the pot, please turn it off.

Vendor Packet

On Friday morning you will receive a vendor packet.  This will contain your booth number, parking tag, tax envelopes, door prize tag, name tags, a copy of the rules, and any other information we feel necessary.


All vendors will be required to pay City, State and County taxes totaling 10%.  Envelopes will be in the vendor packet, you may fill them out, add your cash or check and turn them in to your room leader before you leave.  You are not required to have a Tax ID number or a Business License.  All vendors must turn in taxes.

Gardendale Civic Center Map